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Emulation PCM Highway by SAI interface

Question asked by sangdo.lee on Jun 1, 2017

Hi, all,

I have to interface PCM highway for SLIC thru MCU.

Most VoIP chipset has PCM highway interface to be connected with SLIC directly.

But, I want to use general MCU, not VoIP chipset.


I am glancing the SAI interface feature supported by stm32f7xx datasheet.

Can I use SAI interface to interwork with SLIC which is interfaced with PCM highway?

SLIC chipset have one PCM higway interface and it sends and receives the voice data simultaneously thru PCM highway.


One SAI interface of stm32f7xx has separated clk and SD.

How can I merge SAI interface to one PCM highway?

My stm32f7xx has to be master.


PCM highway timing is attached.


Thank you in advanced.