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USB Host HS Stm32F429 wmaxpacketsize problem !!

Question asked by linh nguyen on Jun 1, 2017

I use STM32F429 USB HS Host library for UVC device.

Some UVC device has ISOC EP wMaxPacketSize=3072 or 5010 Bytes.

I open endpoint type iso with msp = 5010 or 3072

Then I Set Interface Alternate and start stream with wMaxPacketSize = 5010 or 3072

I use USBH_IsocReceiveData to receive data but USBH_LL_GetLastXferSize return max value 1020

and  data image I get is missing.

I think data missing because I can't receive iso package with wMaxPacketSize = 5010.or 3072

Please me fix to receive it.

Thank you so much !!