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ST-LINK_CLI.exe - Skip Flash Erase

Question asked by Rami Rosenbaum on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Rami Rosenbaum


I want to use the ST-Link Utility command-line tool for production:

  1. flash a BootLoader and the current application
  2. do production tests
  3. if all is OK - flash the production data (serial-number, timestamp, etc., ~50 bytes)


Due to flash size-limitations, production data is located in a specific location, after the BootLoader vector-table (address 0x08000100). BootLoader can grow larger, if needed to upgrade.


I want to flash a production-data file via ST-LINK_CLI.exe:

ST-LINK_CLI.exe -c SWD -P ProductionData.bin 0x08000100 -V

but without erasing the BootLoader.

The ST-Link Utility GUI has a check-box: Skip Flash Erase.

How can I do this via command-line?