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Write to OTP with stm32f4 HAL Flash Driver

Question asked by Simon Schüpbach on Jun 2, 2017

Until now we used a really old STm32f4xx_DFP version 1.0.7. Now we change to the latest version 2.11.0.

In the older version it was possible to use the HASH driver functionality to write to/read from OTP. But in the latest version this doesn't work anymore. There will be just a small changed be necessary in HAL Flash driver to get it work.


// unlock flash access -> OK



// clear write protection flag -> OK


// write data to OTP -> FAILS



 // lock flash access -> OK

The reason is the following check inside FLASH_Program_Word()

/* Check the parameters */

Because the OTP address (0x1FFF7800U - 0x1FFF7A0FU) doesn't match flash range (0x08000000U - 0x081FFFFFU).

Just expand IS_FLASH_ADDRESS() with the address range from OTP and it would run!!!


Or is there an other possibility to write to OTP? ( I'm not really interested to set the FLASH flags on my own....)