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Battery charger and power supply

Question asked by Osto on May 30, 2017

Hi all,
I have a device which works with 2 pcs Li-Ion battery 18650 each 3.7V in serie and need 5V and 3.3V each 500ma.
I want that the device has a 12VDC standard power connection and when the power is connected, the device can be turned off and the cells are loaded until the cells are full. Then the load have to be stoped. When the device is not connected to power then the device can be used. If the device can also be used during charging, its better.


I found IC's for loading the cells, I found enought power supply IC's but I couldn's find any IC which do both together or any reference circuit how to combine them to reach this goals.


Have somebody an Idea how to solve this problem?


Thanks for your help,