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STM32 MCUs and Configurable Custom Logic Peripheral

Question asked by memet dolatshahi on May 30, 2017
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There are some MCUs from several microcontroller manufacturer that they have one or several Peripheral called Configurable Custom logic. by using this peripheral you can implement some glue logics design without needing to use of external discrete logics outside of the MCU this peripheral can act such a little CPLD but placed inside of the MCU.

below MCUs, for example, have such custom logic unit:


Atmel, XMEGA E with XCL (XMEGA Custom logic) unit

Atmel, SAM L with CCL (Configurable Custom Logic) unit

Microchip, PIC series 16F and 10F with CLC (Configurable Logic Cell) unit

Cypress, PSoC Families

Silicon Lab, EFM8LB and EFM8BB families with CLU (Configurable Logic Unit) Unit


so, are there any similar capabilities or peripheral exist or will be planed to place in STM32 MCUs different families?