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STM32Cube hangs when generating code from project

Question asked by barrows.geoffrey on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by barrows.geoffrey

I'm trying to use STM32Cube to generate an IAR project from a 'Cube project configuration for the STM32F405. STM32Cube is installed, and will run, and will download the latest libraries.

However when I press the "generate source code based on user settings" button, a box comes up with the message "Generating user source code..." and the program just hangs there. I've let it run for over an hour. The only way I can stop the program is to <ctrl><alt><del> and stop the process. When I do that a warning window pops up with the message "The system cannot end this program because it is waiting for a response from you." However there is no such window open for me to respond to.

Has someone else seen this problem and found a solution?

Many thanks in advance,