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STM32F401 does not produce I2S data.

Question asked by van_winkoop.henk.001 on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by van_winkoop.henk.001


maybe somebody can help me out.

It's about the STM32F401. For a few days I'm struggling now but still no I2S data or clock activity shows up at the 4 SPI2 peripheral outputs. All stay low. I like to configure all uC registers by hand for learning purposes.
The SPI2 peripheral should produce I2S data. If 16-bit values are written to the SPI2 data register the debugger shows that directly after a new write the TXE bit in the status register is cleared and then reappears and new data is written. But probing the 4 SPI2/I2S2 outputs no data shows up.

Next items are checked:
- the original SPI2 peripheral outputs are used so no remapping is needed
- the SPI2 peripheral outputs are configured as alternate function outputs push-pull (highest speed)
- if the PLLI2S clock is set to external input no repeated TXE interrupts occur (so I2SPLL clock is running)
- I2S clock frequency is 96MHz
- the SPI2 peripheral clock is switched on
- (no alternate function outputs clock is available like at the STM32F103)
- SPI2 is configured while SPI2 is disabled
- SPI2 is selected to produce I2S (versus SPI) data in PCM mode
- I2SDIV=187 and I2SODD=1 (I2S settings according first line in table 91 page 590/841 of reference manual pdf)
- finally SPI2 is enabled
- using the debugger it is checked that all relevant registers contain the expected values

...still no data comes out...

Maybe I lack some knowledge or forgot something.

Just wondering what it could be.