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Multiple CAN problems

Question asked by Mark Shoe on May 29, 2017

See also my post How to stop HAL_CAN_ErrorCallback

Something else now. On every CAN receive IRQ the HAL_CAN_TxCpltCallback triggers and nothing has been send. It is because the HAL_CAN_IRQHandler is called by the receive of a CAN message and 





Are always true. So the Tx Complete IRQ is also triggered when the Rx triggers. Bug??


The HAL_CAN_RxCpltCallback works well (unlike the UART RX IRQ) after weeks of testing however sometimes the HAL_CAN_Transmit_IT does not tx anymore. So i printed the flags. In case of error i have the CAN_FLAG_EWG and 
CAN_FLAG_EPV  when it does work i also have this flags after some time. When disconnect the CAN connector there is no BOF as i should aspect. 


Can ST provide an example of a stable CAN rx and tx routine that keeps working even if the cable has been disconnected.