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Shifted PWM generation

Question asked by grossi.marco on May 29, 2017

I need to generate two PWM signals (frequency 6.78MHz, duty cycle 50%) to drive an inverter that must be shifted by an amount programmable on-line by the user (the chip will be interfaced with a microcontroller and must be programmed on-line).

The PWM shift resolution (minimum shift between the two signals) must be at least 18-20 steps between 0° (signals in phase) and 180° (signals in opposite phase).

I need to find an IC suitable for this application. On the web I found the STNRGxxxA (STNRG288A, STNRG328A, STNRG388A). However I am not sure if these components meet my requirements (maximum switching frequency, maximum PWM shift resolution) or some other IC more suitable for the task exists.


Thanks for your support.

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