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STM32F746: CAN1 + CAN2 + LTDC

Question asked by kondratiev.evgeny on May 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by kondratiev.evgeny


We've found some strange behaviour in STM32F746 when turn on both CAN1 and CAN2 and LTDC is running. In such case there is a synchronization issue on the display like HSYNC sometimes misses its frame. It looks like a bug or so.

Every CAN interface running alone works perfectly but when we enable clock on both of them the display starts to blink on some lines. SDRAM, video buffer, CAN busses everything work well and the only screen scanning breaks.


We need two CAN lanes and maybe somebody knows the way to run both of them and a display all together? And second question, is STM32F767 does the same way? There are 3 CAN interfaces and how do they affect the LTDC?


Thank you in advance.