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General USART2 issues on STM32F3

Question asked by Kevin Dominic Merkel on May 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Clive One

Hello everyone, 

I started programming for one of my student projects but I am pretty hung up on the USART2 configuring. I have worked with Arduinos before, but I must admit that STM32 is a complete different level  

I am using the STM32F303VCT6 on the DiscoveryBoard with the STLink2 included. I am trying to figure out this USART stuff but I can not make much sense of all the data sheets. I am a aerospace engineer with some C programming experience, but working with those cryptic datasheets is completely new to me. 

I really hope some of you guys have some patience and motivation to help me out with my project. Basically I need to connect my PC with the STM (USART2) and the STM with a Camera(UART1). The STM32 should send some hex characters to the cam so it makes a picture and after that receive the pic and send it to the pc. 


I am stuck at the beginning and need to activate the USART2 connection. I have connected an FTDI to USART2 but and try to send characters with hterm to start an interrupt, but nothing happens. Obviously it is my code, but I do not know whats wrong. I guess it is more than one mistake  At first I just want to send a character from PC and turn an LED on if the character is received with the interrupt. The code is here: 


I uploaded the code here:

CodePaste.NET - USART2_config 


If more Information is needed don't hesitate to ask. 


Thanks in advance, 


Kevin Dominic