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STM32F101R8T6  internal flash writing example code

Question asked by goudra.basavanagouda on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by ChrisH


We are using STM32F101R8T6 controller in our project, we are struggling to find the sequence to write and read the internal flash locations. I request you, please help us with any examples for this issue. We have few questions regarding this issue as below.

1. Is STM32F101R8T6 controller support internal flash writing and reading?

2. Is there any Library (API) is available for flash writing and reading for STm32F101R8T6?

3. If flash writing and reading is allowed in the STm32F101R8T6 controller, Please any one provide the example code.


Please provide if any Library or example code for flash. It will help us a lot.


Thank you.