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STEVAL-IDS001V3 and 433MHz

Question asked by Gert Larsen on May 29, 2017



I have 2 STEVAL-IDS001V3 (433MHz) USB dongles. I have downloaded the STSW-CONNECT009 software package. Using SPIRIT1 DK v2.2.1 I first upgraded the dongles (SPIRIT1 insisted on this) and afterwards reflashed the dongles with wM-Bus GUI image. Using the wM-Bus demo suite v 2.3.13 I configured the dongles for concentrator T1 mode. The strange thing is that my dongles are 433MHz but I receive wM-Bus-frames from 868MHz meters. I also have a 433MHz wM-Bus meter within range, but the dongles are not receiving messages from the meter. How do I get the dongles to operate on 433MHz in the wM-Bus demo suite? And why are the dongles receiving on 868MHz when they are type V3?