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porting USB driver from STM32L1 to STM32L432

Question asked by krestan.michal.001 on May 26, 2017

I've a problem with using the code of USB mass storage driver used in STM32L151 and moving this code to STM32L432. It seems like a problem at the PMA address. I got stock at the enumaration phase. I recieve interrupt for EP0 when I get first packet from the PC host, but the data content of the packet is not valid. Is there anything different in the STM32L432 FS USB than in STM32L151? I've found only a few registers and few bits which are not used in my driver so I guess everything should work. Is the address space of PMA the same at STM32L432? There is incorrect information in the datasheet having different addressing, but I've all modified to the correct location of STM32L432 and still no luck.