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STLUX Library: Flash functions

Question asked by Maksim Salau on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Stefano Pucillo



STM8 has a great Peripheral Library, which can hide complexity of register configuration. STLUX also has a library but it is not as rich as the STM8 one. I used stm8s_i2c.{c,h} for STLUX with success and want to do the same for stm8s_flash.{s,h} since stlux_flash.{c,h} is very limited compared to the stm8 version: stlux_flash can operate only EEPROM, while stm8_flash can operate any memory region (flash, eeprom, option bytes).


So here is the question: Is this possible?


My understanding is that STLUX has a FLASH peripheral and is able to do IAP. I just need to setup memory map correctly for the chosen part (int stm8s_flash.h) and verify that correct bits are set and monitored during operation (there are few options in the stm8s_flash.c).


My MCU of choice is STLUX385A. What STM8S MCU is the closest counterpart?