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stm32f746 nucleo LWIP NetComm Web Server

Question asked by ferrario.fabio.001 on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by gesieniec.lukasz

I would like to share my experience in getting (among others) a Web Server running on the 746 nucleo.

I think it is a very valuable product.

I developed a mini firmware based on cubemx. The code does nothing but starting the Freertos, initializing the


1- I had to struggle hard to get the debugger working as long as I realized that I needed to update the driver to Seggers. I wish somebody would make this more clear also on the ST website. The stlink firmware is NOT usable.

2- I can ping the board but as soon I start the web server connection breaks. Very unstable behaviour.

3- I checked the source code in some CUBEMx sample application and it looks pretty much different to the one generated on my pc

4- Cache coherence is not taken into account in my cubemx software whereby the sample code invalidates the cache in SRAM2, stores descriptors in SRAM1, makes this area not cacheable via the MPU


So I see big differences into the generated code with respect to the example code.


Is there anything I miss in the CUBEMX configuration?

I wish I could generate a cache coherent code out of the box.