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Is there a deterministic way to identify the package size of a given STM32 chip?

Question asked by Hendrick Melo on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by waclawek.jan

I have two different boards that both use an STM32F303, same memory size, but one of our boards uses a VCT7 (100pin) and the other uses an RCT7 (64pin).


I am looking for a way to tell if it is the 64pin opr the 100pin type.  Unfortunately, the boards are already designed and have different firmware but I want to make sure that the firmware for one board doesn't run on the other.  Unfortunately the IDs returned by HAL_GetDEVID and HAL_GetREVID match on both boards.


I thought of using the Unique ID (reading the 96bits in UID_BASE) but it's not very clear in the documentation if any part of the number identifies the type of chip.  In the few different boards I used, there are some bits (the second 32bit part) that are equal  in the 100pin and different for the 64pin boards, but we can't be sure.


Is there any further information on these values that I could expect to be always the same given a specific package?


Or, is the package encoded anywhere else?  Or am I out of luck and have to find some PIN/PAD that would identify one of my boards vs the others?