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Need details about STM32 I/Os

Question asked by RAMAMOORTH R on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by RAMAMOORTH R

For my design i am already using STM32F429BI--LQFP208 package, Now i am looking to replace this with STM32F777BI-LQFP208, both are pin compatible..


Question: In the data sheet of STM32F777BI Its mentioned that GPIO'S=159 in the page number 17,but in STM32F429BI Its mentioned that GPIO'S=168 in page number 16,so what is the difference.STM32F777BI_PAGE_NUMBER_17

The above one is STM32F777BI,… 

The above one is STM32F429BI,


BUT in the front page of the datasheet -product description its mentioned i/o's 168 in both of the data sheet





and also in the ST.COM  its mentioned i/o's 168 I/O'S







So my question is what is this difference,and what are all  the 9 pins in STM32F777BI  which is not GPIO..

please answer this query....