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How to reconfigure STM32L476 after exit standby mode

Question asked by Lucas Oliveira on May 24, 2017
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We are working with SensorTile (STM32L476). To reduce power consumption, we are using the standby mode with sram2 retention. Our intention is to configure BlueNRG-MS (with advertising enabled), enter standby mode and wait for a user connection through smartphone. The problem is that after wake-up, the SPI/BlueNRG-MS is reconfigured and we can't establish the connection.


We are trying to use this sequence:

- initilize the ble stack/SPI, storing in SRAM2 all the varibles we think that needs retention;

- enter advertising;

- enter standby mode with SRAM2 retendion;

- wait connection event (ble interrupt);

- reconfigure SPI; (for me our problem is here)

- trying to create connection after interrupt;


What is the best way to do this? What do we need to store in SRAM2 before standby? What do we need to reconfigure after wake-up?