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Manchester Encoder/Decoder and STM32F7 USART

Question asked by memet dolatshahi on May 23, 2017
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Some of USART Peripherals support The Manchester Encoding/Decoding on a serial bit-stream that send or received.

some MCUs such as ATMEL SAM3x or some families of Microchip's PIC or Cypress ARM's MCUs have this capability in USART peripherals.

Is there such an ability for STM32F7 USART to apply the Manchester encoding for transmitting data and decoding the Manchester from received data?


there are no directions about USART peripheral Manchester coding capability In STM32F7's TRM !!!


Also I have an Idea for Implementing the Manchester by STM32F7 USART!

If I select the synchronous mode of USART operation, we simply can XOR the clock output of USART and Tx serial Data and transmit it as a Manchester encoded bit-stream.

for receiving the data I need the decoder for recover the clock and the data from received bit-stream. probably instead of using the external decoder circuits and USART Rx pin, I going to use the Manchester input channel of DFSDM peripheral.

Manchester data consist of clock and serial data and the receiver does not need to know the bit rate of serial bit-stream. receiver just need high sampling clock to recover the data clock from bit-stream and read the actual data. for this purpose just need to set up the high sampling clock for DFSDM peripheral.


So What Do you Think experts?

I highly Appreciated to have your thoughts and recommendations about this Issue!