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DecaWave USB Driver for Linux (LabVIEW using RoboRIO)

Question asked by Gene Hancock on May 22, 2017


I am working on an evaluation project using the DecaWave Trek1000 which points me to the V1.4.0 Virtual Com port driver for Window which works great on my Windows 10 PC.  


If you are familiar with the DecaWave I am useing the 2.10 version of the firmware.  There is a newer version but I am waiting on my JTAG to upgrade but I am not sure that will solve my problem.


I hope to setup and use the Virtual COM port on my RoboRIO(Which runs on a version of Linux) so I can see my streaming data coming in.  So the RoboRIO Sees the USB device when plugged in but shows it as not present. and I cant access it.  Basically the same response as when I plug into my Windows PC until the driver is installed.


I assume that I can use a Linux driver on the RoboRIO and all will be well but I cant find one here.  Alternatively LabVIEW is pretty smart and can create a generic driver which will just give me raw data and parse it out.  Unfortunately the USB looks to be missing data to allow me to do this using the wizard(See Error below).    


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I know I can be the only one to try and connect a virtual serial port to a Linux based device.