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minimal circuit for stm32f103RC

Question asked by Vincenzo Gibiino on May 23, 2017
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I am working with this MCU for the first time, i used AVR until today, I would like to start with a minimum circuit to do some experimenting. I m using this schematics but i don't have any idea if is good or not, any advice about the values of resistors and capacitors would be very appreciated, if them differ from this:



more or less i m making something very similar, small changes since compared to this: i wouldn't have the switch for the Vin and i wouldn't need the JTAG, a normal SWDIO would be enough.


My question are:

1) USB - so i need to pull-up the D+ and use resistor (which value?) and then do i need to use other components? or is it enough?

2) Vbat - from this schematic i would need a lot of caps, do you suggest a different (simplier) way to use it? or since i I am pretty sure that i would never need to use the external battery do you suggest me to just leave it free?

3) what is the PC13-tamper-RTC?

4) if i wire the AVcc and AVss as they were normal Vcc and Vss would i have have good analog readings? (i don't need wonderful perfection)

5) what are Vcap for? in the f103 there aren t

6) how should i use PD2? it is the only pin in GPIOD


Thanks to everyone who could answer one or more points