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STM32F429 LTDC @ 1280x720 resolution

Question asked by horbach.markus on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by horbach.markus

Hello everyone,


I already successfully used the LTDC to create a VGA Signal with a Resolution of 800x480 Pixel with 16bit

colour with decent performance. All configuration was done with CubeMX for the LTDC.

AN4861 claims that the STM32F429 can support a resolution of 1280x720 Pixel. But this Resolution is not

possible with CubeMX, because the visible horizontal Resolution is limited to 1024 Pixel. After a quick check in the datasheet, the Register for the horizontal Resolution is limited to 2048 Pixel. Is there a Special reason for this Limitation in CubeMX ?

Am I forced to configure the LTDC manually for this Resolution or will there be a fix for CubeMX ?


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PS: I would like to see some example Code for the STM32F769I-DISC1 with the B-LCDAD-HDMI1 Adapter with this Resolution.