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SD Card breakout board

Question asked by lampe.julian on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by lampe.julian

hey guys,

i'm interested in a SD breakout board for my STM32F427 disco board.

I'd like to use the MCUs SDIO Pins for the communication with the SD breakout board.


Of course when you search for "sd breakoutboard" there are millions of different boards, however i was hoping if someone could recommend my a specific sd breakout board


I have read the manual how to access an SD card using FatFS. If i got the manual correct, there are 2 ways of accessing an SD card, first way is to use SPI, the second is to use SDIO Pins. If have decided to use the SDIO.


Micro SD Card Breakout for microcontroller 

The typical SD breakout boards have typical SPI pins (CS, MOSI,MISO,CLK). Since I'd like to access the SD Card not via SPI but via SDIO i was wondering if i could use these boards anyway?


For my (1 wire) SDIO solution i need 1 data in/out pin,  1 clk pin and 1 cmd pin.


Thx for your support