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TIM1 to trigger ADC conversion

Question asked by Dario Laezza on May 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by romain reicher

Hi to everyone, I apologize for the umpteenth discussion on this topic.

I have some questions about Timer in general to which I did not found good answers:

1- I would like to use TIM1_CH1 to start ADC conversion but from the reference manual of Nucleo 401RE I do not understand how it is linked to the ADC or what procedure I have to use for evoke an event on this channel. 

2- I have understood that the Timer can output a PWM signal if used in PWM mode. Do I need to pick up this signal from a PWM pin and send it back to the external trigger of the ADC to start the peripheral? Or can I use it through the internal connections?


Thank you so much to everyone, 


Dario Laezza