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Getting start with IAR 6.30

Question asked by Fedewiico on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by Fedewiico
I'm trying the IAR EW6.30 to get start with STM32VL discover board.
Following the pdf in the "stm32vldiscovery_package" folder, trying to run the demo project of the AN3268, I open the workspace in that folder:

It opens good, as the  CD00283778.pdf teach.
But if I try to "rebuild all", I get this error many times:
Error[Pe147]: declaration is incompatible with "__nounwind __interwork __softfp unsigned long __get_PSP(void)"
(declared at line 52 of "C:\Programmi\ C:\stm32vldiscovery_package\an3268\stm32vldiscovery_package\Libraries\CMSIS\CM3\CoreSupport\core_cm3.h

What does this mean?
Thank you