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STLINK CLI: No reset after enablig readout protection

Question asked by p.a.002 on May 22, 2017



I'm using ST-LINK_CLI.exE to program the controler. I want to enable read out protection and to make cpu run after programming. Here is the script:


ST-LINK_CLI.exe -list
ST-LINK_CLI.exe -c ID=0 SWD freq=1000 UR
ST-LINK_CLI.exe -P code.hex -V "after_programming"
ST-LINK_CLI.exe -HardRst


After running the script i see that read out is enabled (although i got Could not update option bits) but the cpu is not running.

If i remove the ST-LINK_CLI.exe -OB RDP=1  line. The CPU is runnign after program. 

Somehow option bits affect the reset commnad?

Where could be the problem?