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Speed feedback problem during Motor profiling

Question asked by ferrari.manuele on May 19, 2017

I try to run the motor profiler with my custom prototype SM-PSMS motor.
In this moments I hold the motor in a big vise, so the motor is impossible to move when start the current.
When I run the motor profiling usually the profiling stopped for “speed feedback” fault with a pop up with 2 recommendation:
@ Most of the time this happens when the motor load change too quickly (I haven't a load, I must profiling with my custom motor reductor?)
@ Sometimes it happens because the limit for Max Speed specification is too low (I try to improve the current limits but the max speed detected by the profiling is 3700RPM, the constructor of my motor specified 3000RPM.)

Have you some info or advice?

The motor profiling Only 3 times is done positively. After I press "save" and "Play". During "Play" the motor run  very bad.  


Setup: NUCLEO-F303RE + STEVAL-IPM05F 3sh

ST Motor Profile 4.3


Pole pair                             2

Max Speed                        3000 RPM

Max average Current    1A (motor profile need peak  current, I write 4A)

Ld                                          103mH

Lq                                          75.25mH

so it ratio is                         1.369

Vbus                                     320V