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STM32F4 & STM32F7 USB Host Core (Interrupt flood)

Question asked by Tim Michals on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Ancaritha


USB Core issing interrupt at a rate of 8.65us causing high CPU loading.


Using USB Host/CDC from STM32Cube V1.15 on a STM32F429 board. 


  USB interrupt sources:

- SOF Interrupts (It is not needed for CDC type transfers) turned this interrupt off and still getting high interrupt rate.

   This is configured in

HAL_StatusTypeDef USB_HostInit (USB_OTG_GlobalTypeDef *USBx, USB_OTG_CfgTypeDef cfg)


  /* Enable interrupts matching to the Host mode ONLY */
  return HAL_OK;


- NAK interrupts from bulk in endpoint.  The issue is when the OTG USB gets enough NAKs from the bulk endpoint and issues an interrupt at a rate of 8.625us. 



Is there a work around that does not degrade USB performance?  The STM32FH7 also has has the same code to re-enable the bulk in endpoint. 



static void HCD_HC_IN_IRQHandler   (HCD_HandleTypeDef *hhcd, uint8_t chnum)

  else if ((USBx_HC(chnum)->HCINT) &  USB_OTG_HCINT_NAK)
    if(hhcd->hc[chnum].ep_type == EP_TYPE_INTR)
      USB_HC_Halt(hhcd->Instance, chnum);   
    else if  ((hhcd->hc[chnum].ep_type == EP_TYPE_CTRL)||
         (hhcd->hc[chnum].ep_type == EP_TYPE_BULK))
      /* re-activate the channel  */
      tmpreg = USBx_HC(chnum)->HCCHAR;
      tmpreg &= ~USB_OTG_HCCHAR_CHDIS;
      tmpreg |= USB_OTG_HCCHAR_CHENA;
      USBx_HC(chnum)->HCCHAR = tmpreg;
    hhcd->hc[chnum].state = HC_NAK;


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