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Problem with toggling the FSMC control pins

Question asked by lakshmidhanaraj on May 18, 2017

I need to transfer the data between STM32F407VG using FSMC alternate Function mode and Blackfin ADSP592 processor using  PPI ports in loopback mode.The connection between STM32F407 and ADSPBF592 is given below

NWAIT(GPIOD_pin6) -----  FS1(PF9)
NE1(GPIOD_pin7)     -----  FS2(PF10)
NOE & NWE(PD4 & PD5)     -----  PPI-CLK.

I have to control the entire communication at both ends using these two control pins NWAIT and NE1(External Frame Synchronization).At first NWAIT and NE1 are at reset state,at this time it reads the data from the DSP.After reading the data,I need to toggle these two pins to SET state to write back the data to DSP.

I am trying with the GPIO_ToggleBits,it just enters into the loop but it won't execute this "FSMC_Write_config()" function and goes to the running state.

Please help me out to solve this issue.I attached my code here