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Parallel LCD issue

Question asked by Syed.Rizwan on May 19, 2017


I am working on STM32F769BIT MCU. I have parallel 24 bit RGB data enable mode LCD Display.

I have generated a code from STM32 CUBE and changed the settings related to PIN,PORT configurations related to R[0-7],G[0-7],B[0-7], LTDC CLOCK,LCD_DATA_ENABLE pin etc.


Am getting a proper lcd clock ,data enable mode and data in other RGB pins when probed through CRO.

But unable to get data on LCD Display.It is just a blank white screen and Back light is ON. 

For Basic Testing, I am writing a RED colour data to LCD frame buffer but still unable to get data on LCD.


Is there any additional settings to be performed for Parallel LCD display in LTDC?

Please suggest



Thanks and Regards

Rizwan Syed