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Speaker outputs with WM8994

Question asked by Fabien B on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Fabien B

Hello everybody,
I am currently working on a STM324x9I-EVAL board. I ran the next project:


The application is set to be used in stereo (SPKMODE connected to Gnd), so I have connected a headset to CN23 and 2 loudspeakers on CN24 (8ohm each).


Audio is working well on HPOUT1 (CN23) but not on SPKOUT (CN24).
I checked the source code and tried to change the parameters “OutputDevice” of the next function:
BSP_AUDIO_OUT_Init(uint16_t OutputDevice, uint8_t Volume, uint32_t AudioFreq);
To OUTPUT_DEVICE_SPEAKER: No sound came from my loudspeaker
To OUTPUT_DEVICE_BOTH: Sound came from my headset connected to CN23 but no sound from my loudspeakers on CN24.


Someone was able to used the speakers (CN24) output?


If you have any clue that could help me, don’t hesitate to answer to my post.


Thanks in advance for your help
Best regards