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CubeMX F0 1.8 issues

Question asked by buga.d_niel on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Cyril FENARD



For me, the new 1.8 version of CubeF0 is completely broken. Using the HAL RCC driver, it tries to

a) enable USART2 that I don't use, and it fails because it can't set its clock source

b) enables HSI oscillator (which I don't use) without setting the calibration value. If I use HSI for something, calibration value is set.


Using the LL RCC driver the above issues are not present, but the PWR module clock isn't enabled and I can't write the backup domain (LL_PWR_EnableBkUpAccess in SystemClock_Config has no effect because the registers don't have clock). Because of this, initializing the RTC fails with a timeout and my controller gets stuck in the error handler.


Now these issues are easily worked around but it was very frustrating to debug.