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STM32 and wifi direct module, which stack ?

Question asked by Laurenson.Thomas on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by KIC8462852 EPIC204278916

Hi everyone,


Pretty new to WiFi I have some beginner questions:


I want to build a small system using a STM32 that should connect to a smartphone using WiFi direct to upload/dowload pictures and other sort of documents.

I'm looking for a wifi module that uses SDIO also, as I want to be at full speed,  serial to wifi module would be easier to uses but I don't want to be limited by the UART speed.

I was thinking about using a LILY-W1 module from u-blox as it does WiFi direct.


So, using this kind of module, do I have to code a WiFi stack for the STM32 by myself ?

does the LwIP TCP/IP stack is suitable for SDIO WiFi module ? can I do WiFi direct from it ?