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CAN on STM32F103 RB - Nucleo 64

Question asked by Nicolas Cmb on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Imen D

Hi Community,
I'm a CAN protocol beginner and I'm quite lost about it. Let’s start from the beginning; I’m working on a CAN bus protocol with two STM32F103 RB – Nucleo 64 microcontrollers and two transceivers MCP2551. The objective is to send a message from a microcontroller to the other one (and eventually show on is UART).


I’ve done a little scheme of my installation but I’ve got problems with my program.


I’m quite lost about what I have to do, especially to begin a simple CAN transmission.

When I'm pressing the button the led, which should be flashing, is freeze, so obviously he's waiting for something but what ?How can I just send a message to the other microcontroller ?

And finally, I heard about CAN’s mask and I don't know how they are uses, and for what. I have enclosed a part of my code.


Thank you for your help,
- Nicolas -