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SPWF04S Receiving POST data

Question asked by stellaris on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Mario Ghecea

I am trying to send data from the browser to the module using POST request with output_demo.html.

The POST request is limited to 64 bytes, so I cannot send more than 64 bytes with a POST...If I send 65 bytes, the last byte is truncated and only 64 bytes are delivered by the module. Is this a limitation of the module? Can be the number of bytes increased? 64 bytes for a POST are not enough...

I send this from browser : Output=SetNetSet{6;1;0;2;1;0;;123456789012345;123456789012345678}

There are 68 bytes of data in the above request.

The module outputs this on uart console: +WIND:57:Output from remote:64:SetNetSet{6;1;0;2;1;0;;123456789012345;123456789012345

The module outputs only 64 bytes, but the request contains 68 bytes...