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    How to activate Compensation Cell on STM32F765?

    Gahlen Feld

      Hallo, on my NUCLEO board with a STM32F765ZI MCU I want to activate the compensation cell.

      I can do this via

      * HAL_EnableCompensationCell();

      * LL_SYSCFG_EnableCompensationCell();

      * oder manually via



      All methods will only set bit#0 in SYSCFG->CMPCR.

      After setting Bit#0 I should be able to see this bit as set, and - after a while - I should also see bit#8 as set, which signals that the compensation cell is ready... but...

      when I read SYSCFG->CMPCR I ALWAYS get 0.

      I am waiting for bit#8 to be 1 in a while loop, so this while loop is infinite.

      I checked the assembly code and it is right! Bit#0 is set but the MCU will not show that even this bit is set (and therefore bit#8 is also 0)...


      What is the right procedure to activate the compensation cell?

      Is there a hardware error in the STM32F765ZI MCU?


      Thank you in advance!