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Need STM32L4 IOT Discovery Kit full Webinar access

Question asked by bhatia.kumar on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Mark Catchpole

Participated in the webinar from the ST Microelectronics broadcasted emails. Invested most of the hour listening through the Milli Vanilli reborn presentation on how to use the AWS with the new STM32L4 IOT Discovery Kit. True to the original entertainers, the pre-recorded presentation faced technical difficulties and the stopped mid way. In the excitement of this webinar, ordered a few of the STM32L4 IOT kits. The host promised that the webinar in full would be made available to all participants which as of this writing has yet to surface.


Where is the support with this product ? Is there any ? Without proper documentation or the FULL webinar, the IOT kit is of no value and should be avoided.


ST office in Mississauga - no email address for contact. Phoned them to leave a message and the voice mail is full. Excellent support. Did we make a mistake in purchasing these tools ? Future is using their bat phone to access the same webinar but will see if it does materialize.  Given that a sub $2 USD ESP8266 can run AWS, competition is real.