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Flash programming error in Keil MDK

Question asked by lammel.miklos on Feb 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2012 by lammel.miklos

I just started using the STM32F4 discovery board with Keil development environment, and I have a small problem, that I can not program the flash memory of the microcontroller using the Load button. In Keil Build output window, there is no error message, just one line saying:
Load "C:\\Keil\\ARM\\Boards\\ST\\STM32F4-Discovery\\Blinky\\Flash\\Blinky.AXF"
But then nothing happens, LD1 on board lights up green for a split second, and it turns then red again, and the microcontroller stays in a kind of turned off state, until I press reset button. And then it continues the original program.

However when I push the Debug button it automatically updates the flash memory, so flash programming is working, and is available, it is just confusing, that if I want to download the program in microcontroller I always have to start, and end the debug session.

What am I doing wrong?