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Result of logic operation on 8-bits data need to casts

Question asked by h007 on May 16, 2017
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In STVD (+Cosmic) C compiler settings I choose *Display Errors & Warnings*.

I wrote simple code:


uint8_t a=0x01;
uint8_t b=0x10;


void test (uint8_t licz) {


void main (void) {


    test (a & 0x01);
    test (a | b);
    test (a + b);


After compilation there are warnings:


#warning cpstm8 main.c:122(9) truncating assignment

#warning cpstm8 main.c:123(9) truncating assignment

#warning cpstm8 main.c:124(10) truncating assignment


To avoid warnings I need to use casts, for example:

test ((uint8_t)(a & 0x01));


The result of (a + b) operation do not exceed max value 8-bit long data.

Why are there warnings?


All data are declared as 8-bits long.

If the data will be declared as integer 16-bits long there’s no need to use casts.