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Missing "busy" state handling in custom USB HID code generated by MX

Question asked by Tyurin.Denis_Mikhail on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2018 by pavel a

I'm using STMCubeMX 4.21.0 to generate custom USB HID project. My device needs to send frequent HID reports, therefore it calls USBD_CUSTOM_HID_SendReport every 1-10ms.

This function always returns USBD_OK, even if previous report is not transmitted - in this case it just ignores new report.

It becomes a problem because there is no way for user code to check if data was successfully transmitted or another attempt is required.


I've implemented a local workaround in this function: it returns USBD_BUSY when hhid->state == CUSTOM_HID_BUSY

But this change is not in user modifiable area, therefore this change is lost on every project re-generation in CubeMX.


Am I missing something, is there any other good way to work around this issue?