Maciej Wolejko

Spirit1 - receiving the wrong strings

Discussion created by Maciej Wolejko on May 15, 2017

Now I am working with SP1ML(STEVAL-SP1ML868) and SPSGRF(X-NUCLEO-IDS01A4) modules working on 868 MHz frequency. SP1ML(USB Dongle) is connected to my MacBook where I can see what SPSGRF is sending to me in Putty software. SP1ML had a standard firmware, allowing AT commands to facilitate RF configuration, data transmission and reception, using simple point-to-point communication. SPSGRF was programmed using expansion software package STM32Cube. I have two problems with connection between my modules.
First of all SPSGRF is sending to me very weird strings shown below: 

Below I have posted one more images showing the configurations of SP1ML module and code from Keil showing a configurations of SPSGRF module Code. I checked: this is not problem with Baud Rate but I think it is problem with radio configuration. I also changed S28: PAYLOAD_SIZE to other value, but that didn't change anything.


The second one is that I cannot send any data from SP1ML to SPSGRF. 

Did anyone have a similiar problem?