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TIM1 - USART1 pin conflict - how to solve?

Question asked by karakaya.mehmet on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Uwe Bonnes

Hello dear forum,


I am using F103RC to drive 2 DC motors


Thats why I need to use both TIM1 and TIM8


However TIM1_CH2 is at the same pin as the USART1_TX


I dont use and init USART1_TX pin becouse I only use RX input of USART1 during runtime


I initialize serial port 1 before TIMers


However I noticed that TIM1_CH2 doesnot produce PWM signal and is always at 2.6 V level


I suspect that USART1 is preventing TIM1_CH2 from producing PWM becouse


when I dont init USART1 there is PWM signal


Am I right ? why is that so ?


Can I not only use RX pin (A10) for USART while using A9 port for PWM ?


Thank you