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Need MT25QL512A_STM32769I-EVAL.stldr project source in TrueSTUDIO for ST-LINK utility

Question asked by P_V.Ajith on May 15, 2017
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Currently, we are using a STM32F769 based custom platform with S25FL512SAGMFIG11 (from Cypress) as QSPI external flash.

The flash which used in STM32769I-EVAL platform is MT25QL512ABA8ESF-0SIT and I can easily select the external flash from ST-Link utility since, this is a predefined configuration. Now, I have referred Section "3.9 Developing customized loaders for external memory" from STM32 ST-LINK utility software description (UM0892 User manual) and found that, only 2 or 3 flash support source is shown with TrueSTUDIO configuration.

Since, my platform is very close to the STM32769I-EVAL, I would like to get the MT25QL512A_STM32769I-EVAL.stldr project source in TrueSTUDIO for ST-LINK utility. So that, I can easily change the External flash configurations alone and make it work on our platform.


PS: The examples sources are for pretty different MCUs and I need to change the entire source just to make the external flash ready.


Thank you in advance,
Ajith P V