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HTS221 Humidity problem

Question asked by Witowski.Jakub on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by David Koudela

Hello. I have a problem with humidity measurement. Despite the proper value of temperature, te humidity is always over 100%. I'm using the official ST software. I'm wondering if it is a hardware problem ?


The initialization is as following:



HTS221_Init_st cfg_struct;

cfg_struct.avg_h = HTS221_AVGH_4;
cfg_struct.avg_t = HTS221_AVGT_2;
cfg_struct.odr = HTS221_ODR_1HZ;
cfg_struct.bdu_status = HTS221_ENABLE;
cfg_struct.heater_status = HTS221_DISABLE;
cfg_struct.irq_level = HTS221_LOW_LVL;
cfg_struct.irq_output_type = HTS221_PUSHPULL;
cfg_struct.irq_enable = HTS221_DISABLE;




/* it is activation function in fact !!! */


while (true)
         HTS221_Get_Measurement(&humidity, &temperature);

         ... some delay and read data