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Some Issues about STM32F7's USART Peripheral

Question asked by memet dolatshahi on May 13, 2017
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In the USART chapter of The STM32F7 ref. manual wrote that USART peripheral can reach up to 27Mbps buad rate. so I have some questions about that.


First, just the STM32F7's USART can reach to this maximum speed or either The UART peripheral can also reach to this data rate?


Second, If only the USART can reach to this Max Speed, 27Mbps will be obtain in Synchronous mode of USART through separate dedicated CLOCK line or it will be reachable in Asynchronous mode either by having only RX and TX and without needing a separated CLOCK line?


Third, If you look at block diagram of inside a STM32F7, you will find that USART1 and USART6 peripherals are connected to the APB2 bus that runs @ 108Mhz and USART2 and USART3 are connected to the APB1 bus that runs @ 54Mhz!

so according to different speed of these two bus! All the USART peripheral can reach to the max speed of 27Mbps or only those two USART connected to APB2 can reach to the maximum data rate?


Fourth, Is The Multiprocessor Communication mode supported at any data rate speed?


I highly appreciated to your kindly replies :-}