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When debugging, target MCU continues to run after breakpoint is hit

Question asked by Andrew Watson on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by AvaTar

I've noticed this behaviour in Atollic TrueStudio 7.0.1 and 7.1.2, using the ST-Link V2 debugger (several variants, including the regular ST-Link V2 and the ISOL version). When I place a breakpoint in the code, the execution stops at the breakpoint, I can inspect variables and otherwise interact with the device under test, but the device continues to run.


The debugger is clearly in "Suspended" mode, but the target is running : status LEDs are still blinking and it's responding to its environment. When I try to step through the code, it jumps to a seemingly random location instead of going to the next line. This is a recent bug, doesn't happen all the time, and a colleague of mine has also experienced it recently.


Running our own code on a STM32L151RB. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.