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How to start with asembler on Cortex M4

Question asked by Stefan Wozniak on May 12, 2017
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I'm new at STM32. (I own DISCOVERY board STM32F411E-Disco) I have written few programs using Cube and HAL but now I need to use assembler.


Can you share any sources where should I start to learn using assembler? Any "Hello World" for assembler would be great. Or "STM32 assembler for dummies"
As I mentioned I'm new in STM32 so please send me direct links, STM datasheets are something new for me and I don't know with one is correct. There is a lot of them for each micro Procesor. I used to use Atmel.

I'm using AC6 with Toolchain SW4STM32 if this is the case.


Why assembler:
I need to very precisely turn on and off pin according to data in an array. Time of pulse can vary but the smallest one is 0,5 us +/- 150ns.
(I need to control WS2811).

The task is to convert 8bit values array to pulses.
1->0.5us High, 2.0 us Low
0->1.2us High, 1.3 us Low

at the end of data
50us Low


Timer with interrupts (on HAL) was too slow in my tests.


Thanks in advance for any help.
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