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CubeMX for F0 has no GPIO settings

Question asked by dalewheat on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by dalewheat

Using recently updated (app and all libraries) CubeMX v4.21.0 on Windows 10, I create a new project for the NUCLEO-32 (STM32F042K6T6) board, but there are no settings for configuring the GPIO pins.


When I go to the "Configuration" tab, the GPIO section is highlighted in yellow and gives the following warning when I hover the mouse pointer over the "GPIO" button:


"Warning:  Some signals are not used in any IP's mode.  However, you can still generate code."


Am I missing something obvious?


Please see attached screen captures.  Also, I'm still disappointed that the latest updates to not address the "tiny icon" problem on UHD-4K screens.


Thank you for any insight into my present difficulty.